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So I’m trying to find some Anders/f!Hawke fic to read and the amount of post-game ‘and the lived happily ever after with a big wedding and 2.5 kids and a mabari’ is seriously disturbing.

I love this pairing to bits and one of the main reasons why is because actions have consequences. Those are the stories I want to read. Not kid!fic with Justice as the angry baby-sitter.

This cold is making me seriously grumpy. Sorry everyone.

Sorry for the DA:I posting today. I’m sick and following social media is all I have the energy for. I have a new theory.

I am semi-convinced that Blackwall will be the last LI now. (And he’ll probably be bi)

Here’s why. Right now, a straight human, qunari or dwarf inquisitor has two options. Cullen or Iron Bull. However, we know from previous information that Iron Bull used the be race-gated, that dwarves couldn’t romance him.

If that had stayed the case, that means straight female dwarves would only have one option and not even one that was a companion. So Blackwall would be the second option for female dwarves before Iron Bull came along. That’s my theory, anyway.

Dunno. I think I just really want to romance another Grey Warden. I romanced Alistair, Anders and I want Blackwall, too!

therealzombiequeen replied to your post “Interesting. Solas being race-gated is something I did not expect.  …”

What’s “race-gated” mean?

In this case, apparently Solas is only available to elves. We don’t know about his sexuality yet, if he’s available to female, male or both. 

I’m starting to be at a loss for who my female dwarf inquisitor will romance. Solas was one of the contenders, but he’s out. I have no interest in Iron Bull and I really want to romance Cullen with a mage. Sera is not my cup of tea. So right now, my options are Josephine and potentially last LI slot. 

Is it November 17th, yet?

Interesting. Solas being race-gated is something I did not expect. 

So now we have one slot left for two people. Blackwall or Vivienne. I’m hoping for Blackwall but my money is on Vivienne, which will make me sad that every one of the advisors/companions is a love interest of some sort. (Even Leliana was the LI of the Warden). 

thievinghippo said: Cloud, I just saw you reblog the 'This One's Intimate Apparel' post. I therefore nominate you to draw a hanar in lingerie. Good luck.


This is the post thievinghippo was referring to. Here is my answer:


I know the best people. This is beautiful. 

Today’s searching question: What would a buffet catering to elcor, volus, turian, human, salarian and asari look like?

Fic Update: A Voice of Bells and Thunder (Part III)

Title: A Voice of Bells and Thunder (also on and Ao3)

Fandom: Dragon Age

Pairing: Anders/f!Hawke

Summary: A quickly scribbled note on a piece of vellum, with a hastily drawn symbol in the corner. This is their system, but neither Anders nor Hawke planned for the day when things went wrong.

Notes: Set during Act III and has all sorts of end game spoilers. 

Part I  |  Part II


Part III

I know you and Anders are… It’s not my place to question. But please, be careful. He’s a dangerous man. And selfish. Whatever he promised, don’t think he’ll ever put you above his own needs. - Sebastian


Lit torches reflect off the tunnel walls.

Hawke can’t decide if that’s good or bad news. Bad, most likely. Perhaps the Templars are still searching. She stops and cocks her head, trying to hear something, anything, to give her an idea of what they’re about to face. But all she hears is her companions, the links in Merrill’s chainmail brushing together, leather gliding over as Varric adjusts his gloves and Fenris’ quiet breathing. His armor makes no sound.

The smell in the tunnel is awful, though not nearly as bad as the one they went to for the Sela Petrae, which made her empty the contents of her stomach when they made it back to Darktown. Thinking of the ingredient makes her wince.

What are you hiding, Anders?

He’s never flat out lied to her before. Kept truths from her, certainly, but never a bald face lie. A part of her worries what he told her isn’t a lie. That when he mixes the ingredients, they will be free because they will be dead. Hawke will not stop him if he feels it is what is needed to be done, but she knows, deep inside, that she doesn’t necessarily want to live in a world where he does not stand beside her.

A sudden shout down one of the tunnels catches her attention. The man’s accent is rough, the words too coarse to be a Templar. “Did you hear that?” she asks over her shoulder.

“Sounds like that Lyrium smuggling ring is back up again,” Varric says, his eyes narrowing. “I hadn’t heard they were back in business.”

“They’ll be in the way of the search, won’t they?” Merrill asks. 

“Let’s take care of them,” Hawke says, her voice crisp, the order given. She stands straight, her shoulders back, needing no Lyrium etched onto her skin like Fenris to feel the sudden spark of energy and magic in the air. She is ready for a fight, is aching for one, to be able to let loose and take out her frustrations on whichever smuggler took the wrong shift tonight.

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Dear Self,

If you nest every label you create in gmail under the label ‘fandom’ there is no point to said ‘fandom’ label. Please go redo your labels and think about what you’ve done.



No one tagged me, but I’m doing the meme anyway. Cause everyone always says ‘do the meme if you want!’ but no one ever seems to. UNTIL NOW.


Ahem. That being said. Top Ten Video Games. (This ended up being more of a Top Ten Games that have affected my life)

1. Mass Effect - should be obvious why. Brought me back into fandom. Brought me back to writing. Brought amazing, beautiful people into my life.

2. Heroes of Might and Magic (specifically II and III. IV, V and VI can suck it) When I was 16 years old, my mom bought me a copy of Heroes II for Christmas. That game fucking changed my life. I never really was a gamer before then. I hardly played any computer games. But Heroes? I played constantly. Heroes III helped me survive college.

3. Sim City. I’m talking original Sim City, baby. When I was 12, I would go to my friend’s house and we would play Sim City for hours after school. I loved that game so much. 

4. Guild Wars. GW opened up the concept of MMO gaming for me. When I started playing GW, I swore I would never team with another player, because ‘other gamers scare me!’ Six months later I was leading 12 man raids. I’ve made some great friends thanks to GW.

5.The Sims. Omigod, the Sims. I started playing the Sims when it came out in 1999. I used to make spreadsheets, because I wanted to make sure I had sims with every single profession. I played 2 and 3 and am looking forward to 4 coming out soon.

6. Civilization. IV is still my favorite, but I started with II. To this day, I’ve never attempted a military victory. Cultural has always been my favorite. 

7. Final Fantasy VII. The only game on this list that I have not played myself. It makes the list because of all the memories I have associated with it. I would watch my sister play for hours when we were kids. It was a fun bonding experience. 

8. Skyrim. I was so scared trying it for the first time. I didn’t really understand what I was doing and the concept of an open world sort of frightened me. But I very quickly fell in love. 

9. swtor. Thanks to the Republic trooper romance, I learned about the Shakarian romance, which led me to ME. But I love the characters in swtor and the romances. 

10. Joust. This is the game that truly started it all, everyone. Picture this. Five year old Hippo going to the library in 1984 to get computer time. The game she played? JOUST. I made my mom take me back to the library again and again to play that game. Hippo’s first computer game.

Thank you for indulging my trip down memory lane. If you too would like to game through memory lane, I highly encourage you to make a list like this too. <3

Hippo’s Writing Challenge Update!

Based on some feedback and ideas, here’s what I’d like to do. This challenge is open to anyone. You now make your own goal. If you want to write 500 words a day, great! You want to write 1500 words a day, awesome! If you want to make a doodle of every day, perfect! 

All you need to do to participate is email me before September 1, with your goal for the month. Then every day, (to hold yourself accountable) email me with your production when you’re done writing/drawing for the day. I will then update the all knowing spreadsheet.

We then can all cheer each other on by using the tag ‘hippo’s writing challenge’ if you make posts about your progress. (Keeping the tag, even though it’s not just for writing anymore.)

And… there might be something special in store for anyone who meets their goal! (You’d have to be willing to provide me with your address, though. International folk included!)

So there you have it! Make some goals for yourself and email me if you want in!