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Guys, I had the loveliest day hanging out with theherocomplex and thievinghippo yesterday. Although I’m pretty sure our loud discussions about anything and everything Mass Effect probably unnerved some of the patrons in the cupcake shop we basically took over.

(Also, they brought me fresh apple cider doughnuts. Which explains why I have had doughnuts for dinner/breakfast/lunch. NO REGRETS.)

After a slight mishap with a parking garage attendant (theherocomplex is literally a hero), we were able to meet up with tarysande. It was a fantastic day with fantastic food (and cupcakes! such yummy cupcakes) and lots and lots of Mass Effect talk with fantastic people. :D

And we sort of did take over the cupcake shop. Oops.

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So I’m revising chapter nineteen of Scattering Grief while theherocomplex is replaying the final quest of DA2.

I made the mistake of telling her that Fenris shouts out if Hawke dies and now she’s spent the last twenty minutes dying instead of finishing the fight just so she can hear it. 

I’m a good friend.

Anonymous said: I hear you've got a a reputation as one of those crazy shakarian shippers who's always writing about how much they trust and respect eachother, and that you spend your free time mining audio files from the game to make really amazing audio posts from our favorite characters, and that you're the go-to-gal for the defense of non-council races. YEAH, YOU GOT A REP, ALRIGHT. I'M WATCHING YOU.


I am one of those crazy Shakarian shippers. (*dreamy sigh*) Cause Garrus makes it so easy! 

And thank you for the rest, anon! I do like to keep things interesting around here. :D

mynameiscloud said: Deleted scene from Sonya's childhood?

“Shepard! Your date is here!”


Shepard ran her palms down the front of her dark brown dress as it swished around her ankles.  Taking one last glance in the mirror - stupid pimple would be the death of her - she felt satisfied at her reflection, She would never have flawless skin or hair that cooperated, but she didn’t look too horrible for once in her life.


Grabbing the boutonniere off of her vanity, Shepard took a breath. She and her friends had been looking forward to the eighth grade graduation dance forever. And now it was finally here.


Shepard left the room and slowly walked down the stairs, picking up the hem of her dress, grateful that even after his latest growth spurt, Justin was still an inch shorter than her, letting her wear flats, instead of the heels Nadia tried to insist on. Justin stood at the bottom of the stairs, holding a clear plastic container with a corsage.  


Justin smiled widely when she met his eyes, offering his hand. Life felt just about perfect right now. Middle school was almost done, Shepard would be starting at one of the high schools in the country in the fall. She had a boyfriend and a foster family that actually seemed to care about her.


Shepard and Justin giggled as they exchanged flowers, with the Khalibs and Justin’s mother taking pictures with their omni-tools. Soon, it was time to get to the dance. Justin linked his fingers with hers and they left the house, to sit in the back of Justin’s mother’s skycar.


If this was the end of one adventures, Shepard couldn’t wait for the next.


mynameiscloud said: Generous provider of sound clips. Shakarian writer with a distinct and lovely style so you can't hide on the kmeme. Friendliest and most awesome hippo ever. One half of Hippee (MOST IMPORTANT SHIP IN THE ME FANDOM). DEFENDER OF THE NON-COUNCIL RACES.

Eee! Thank you! 

I’ve got a prompt all picked out on the kmeme and one day, I’m gonna start posting, and no one, NO ONE, will be able to figure out that it’s me. (I hope). 



Sorry, for the lack of drabbles tonight. We are more tired than we thought we’d be. So we’ll finish up with the drabbles tomorrow. 

Thank you for your prompts!

Anonymous said: Wynneth walking in on Anders doing something embarrassing. Bonus points if it's innocent but looks horrible!

“You damn dog, not on the bed!”


Wynneth cocked her head and listened outside the door to her bedroom. Strange that Baker was inside the room with Anders. Usually when Anders stayed the night the first thing he did was kick Baker uncerimonously out of the room.


She opened the door to see Baker on his hind legs, front paws balanced on Anders’ shoulders. Her eyes went wide, realizing Anders wore nothing but a pair of smalls and that both he and Baker were soaking wet.


“Do I want to know?” Wynneth asked.


“Oh bloody… Close the door, please,” Anders said, his shoulders slumping. “This is what happens when I try to do something nice.”


“You end up in your underclothes hugging my dog?” Wynneth asked, stepping inside and closing the door behind her.


“You mentioned the other day that Baker needed a bath, so I thought while you were out…” Anders trailed off as Wynneth took Baker’s paws and helped him to the ground.


“You give him a bath?”


“Exactly,” Anders said. “But the blast animal didn’t want to get in the tub. I thought you said he loved baths.”


Wynneth looked at Anders, his hair down and mused, water trickling down his bare chest. He was a mess and absolutely beautiful. “Perhaps he didn’t want a bath when Bohdan bathed him yesterday.”


“Ah,” Anders said, putting his hands on his hips. He looked at Baker. “Sorry, chap.”


“No matter,” Wynneth said with a smirk, grabbing Baker by the collar and leading him out of the room. “Perhaps you could help me with mine, instead?”

armalis said: Sonya/Garrus - the kink discussion

Full disclosure, this is a scene/fic that I’ve wanted to write for a long time, so I reserve all right to go back to this sober and revise and expand. :D


Sonya/Garrus - the kink discussion


“You know, Shepard, I’ve been thinking.”


Shepard looked up from cleaning her Shuriken and over at Garrus. He lounged back on the couch in her cabin, his Mantis laying across his lap. Raising her eyebrows, Shepard asked, “About what?”


“Sex,” Garrus said, his voice matter of fact. “I’ve been back on the Normandy now, for what, three weeks?” He leaned forward and picked up a cleaning rag. “I think I’m getting a pretty good idea of what you like…”


“Can’t be giving away all my secrets, can I?” Shepard asked, feeling a slight nervousness in her belly. It had been years since she had more than a simple one night stand before Garrus. The truth was, sleeping with Garrus on a regular basis had helped her learn more about herself than all the one night stands combined


Garrus polished the neck of his rifle, and Shepard couldn’t help but notice just how suggestive the move was, the way his hand stroked up and down the barrel. Shepard took a breath and tried to concentrate on cleaning her own weapon. The effect with the Shuriken simply wasn’t the same.


“Well, I suppose we could create a safe word and go from there,” Shepard said, her voice seriously. “I trust you to stop if something’s not working.”


“Same,” Garrus said at once. He placed his Mantis down on the coffee table and then leaned in towards her, crossing his legs. “What’s the unsexiest thing you can think of in this ship?”


Shepard threw back her head and laughed. “Why the ship?”


“Cause she’s always on the back of your mind, I know that, Shepard,” Garrus said, a smirk forming with his mandibles, “So what’s it gonna be?”


Biting her lip, Shepard put her own gun down on the table. “What about… “ She searched for a word. Most of the rooms on the Normandy she associated with various crew members. Life Support had been Thane’s, the stairwell belonged to Jack. She tried to think of an item that had no association. “Drive core.”


“Drive core?” Garrus asked. “Shepard, I said the least sexy place on the ship. Have you really looked at the drive core? It’s beautiful.”


“You gonna fight me on this?” Shepard said, suggestion filling her voice, as she flung her leg over his thighs to settle on his lap.


Before she could stop him, Shepard found herself pinned below Garrus on the sofa, trying not to moan in delight as he dragged his tongue down her neck. “Looks like I just found something else out,” Garrus said, a smug look on his face.


But then he pressed his mouth plates to her lips, and any hope Shepard had as a response disappeared. They’d have to finish the conversation later.

an exchange just now
Hippo:  That's enough death, Bee!
Bee:  Is that a challenge?

We are yarned out, have food in out bellies, open beers by our side with out laptops ready to right. 

Bee and I are ready to drunken drabble! (this time in person!)

All drunken drabbles will be tagged ‘hippee’s drunken drabbles’ for your blacklist/TS needs.