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First Love Letter From Doc

From: Doc

Subject: Date night.

I was just thinking how most of our time together involves combat zones and people shooting at us. I’m not saying that isn’t fun, but Doc’s a man who likes variety. I know some great restaurants on Ralltiir and Nar Shaddaa we could visit. There’s also a great day spa on Ord Mantell, assuming it didn’t get blown up during the Separatist War. I’m sure the Jedi Order can afford to give you a day off. It’s not like they pay you.

Consider yourself reserved, beautiful.



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tarysande said: #2 Cheek kiss Shepard and Grunt :)

So… This prompt was from December. I know, I know. But when theherocomplex got overwhelmed with Ghost feels today, I decided to write about baby krogan, and realized this fit the prompt perfectly!


“No go!”

Shepard stumbled forward as a tiny krogan tackled her legs. Only Garrus’ quick grab of her shoulder kept Shepard from tumbling to the ground.

“Sorry Shepard,” Grunt said, barreling forward and picking up the young krogan. Shepard couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she watched Grunt look at his daughter. The young krogan, three years old already, hid her uncovered face in her father’s neck.

“Nata, we’re just going to spend a night at your Uncle Wrex’s house,” Shepard said, thinking of the party Wrex would be hosting, celebrating the anniversary of the end of the genophage. She had Garrus both planned on drinking liberally this evening, and Wrex generously offered the use of his couch. Hard to believe five years had already passed.

“We’ll be back before you know it,” Garrus said, tickling Nata underneath the chin.

Grunt shifted with the child in his arms and Shepard couldn’t keep the smile off her face. Grunt, a father. He had fathered almost a dozen children at this point, but Nata and her younger brother, Breck, were the two he had been given parental rights for by their mother, Draya.

“Remember the goodbye I showed you?” Grunt asked Nata seriously. “Say goodbye to Shepard.”

Nata shook her head and reached out towards Shepard, her little fists opening and closing. Within seconds, she almost squirmed out of her father’s arms. With a sigh, Grunt handed Nata to Shepard.

Holding a young krogan was no easy feat, even with her enhanced cybernetics. Shepard balanced Nata on one hip, glad she hadn’t changed into her clothes for the party yet.

“We practiced goodbye, Nata,” Grunt said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Don’t you remember?”

“Forgot,” Nata said, patting Shepard’s cheek with her small hand. Shepard looked at the girl and saw a sneaky little smile on her face.

Grunt let out a sigh. “She learns by repeating what we do. How we teach them,” Grunt said. He looked at this daughter. “Nata, this is how we say goodbye to Shepard.”

Shepard couldn’t help but smile as Grunt leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. “Thank you, Grunt,” she said with a laugh. Next to her, Garrus squeezed her shoulder. He didn’t laugh, but let out a thrum of amusement.

“Yeah, well, this is for Nata’s benefit,” Grunt said grudgingly. “Now you, Nata.”

The little girl in Shepard’s arms laughed, a slow one, so much like Grunt’s trademark that Shepard had to bite her lip to keep from laughing herself. Nata leaned forward and planted a kiss on Shepard’s other cheek.

“And thank you, Nata,” Shepard said, stroking once between Nata’s eyes, a traditional krogan sign of affection.

Handing the girl back to Grunt, Shepard could only smile at the pride on his face. “She’s a fast learner,” he said. “Can’t wait to show her how to use a shotgun.”

“Boom!” Nata cried out, headbutting her father.

Shepard reached out and grabbed Nata’s hand. “Sounds like she can’t wait, either.”

Third Love Letter from Torian Cadera

From: Torian

Subject: Got you Something

Heard a Mirialan saying: “Love’s the armor of the heart.” Mandos are a bit more proactive. Never been much of a metal worker, but Corridan helped me work the beskar. It’ll protect you when I can’t.

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Anonymous said: Hey, I don't mean to be pushy or anything... but a while ago you said you were writing a story about Shepard pegging Garrus? Is that still happening, or do you just not have inspiration to write it down? It's okay if you don't, I don't want to pressure you, I just want to know what happened to it.

Hello anon! You are totally not being pushy at all. It’s not a secret that since I started a new job six weeks ago my writing production has basically crawled to a stand still. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the reason. In my new job, I chat with customers and answer emails for eight hours. So that whole time, while I’m not writing fiction or anything really exciting for that matter, I am basically writing for eight hours. And it’s fairly monotomous work, answering the same questions over and over again. (You’d amazed how many people ask questions that could simply be answered if they read the damn website. Then again, if that happened, I’d be out of a job.) 

Long story short, my brain doesn’t seem to want to be creative when I get home, so I haven’t been. I’ve been playing way more videos games than is good for me lately and I really want to change that. 

This ask actually helped point me in the right direction. I had the structure of the fic in place before last night. I knew when it would occur, why and the results, but I hadn’t actually written any of it. 

Until this ask. :) Sat my butt down and wrote 1500 words last night, (words I like!) more than I’ve written in a while. I’m hoping this is the start of some consistent output, because I really miss sharing my fics with you all!

I expect this fic to be about 4k, give or take, so I probably need a couple more nights before it’s ready. I’m tentatively giving myself a goal of posting by Saturday. Wish me luck!

Oh man, I have fallen head first into the Andronikos Revel tag from swtor and I cannot handle the feels. I love the Revel/SI relationship so much. So much. They are my second favorite Bioware romance after Shakarian.

Denravi is currently ready to go to Tatooine. Her currect class quest is ‘Andronikos Revel’ She’s so close to her pirate! :D

Sonya and Snappy by Rayvn Silverwind (top)

Sonya by Yasmin

Sonya Hindemith

I first played Guild Wars in 2009. It took three months of starting different campaigns and characters before I finally settled on my favorite class, the elementalist. Then it was time to start a new character. 

I wasn’t very original when it came to naming conventions in an MMO. I knew I wanted a name that could seem like a real life name. I choose Sonya, cause I was reading Star Trek: Corps of Engineers at the time, and the main character was Sonya Gomez. I choose Hindemith, because I thought there was a little whimsy to it. (I named her after the composer Hindemith)

Sonya was my main character in Guild Wars for three years. She went 50/50 in her hall of monuments for Guild Wars 2. I absolutely adore this gal and miss her quite a bit, actually. 

My one main headcanon for her was that Sonya had a big old scar that ran across her belly from the Searing. Because of that, she refused to wear armor that bared her midriff, which is 95% of the armor out there for elementalists. Luckily, there was the Norn armor that was elegant and perfect for Sonya (see below).

I’m very lucky in that I’ve had some friends make some lovely artwork of Sonya Hindemith, so I’ll post that next. 


I’ve decided. Tonight y’all get to learn about the original Sonya. Sonya Hindemith from Guild Wars, who is responsible for my continued interest in gaming. Posts and artwork soon.

pandasize said: Javik and Liara
  • when i started shipping or if i ship it
  • I actually do ship this a little bit. It’s all because of the Citadel DLC though. I sort of like the idea of them becoming friends through writing the book and then finding out there’s more.

my thoughts

  • I don’t have many. I have some Javik thoughts. I’ve always wondered if Miranda’s dad could make Miranda without a mother, why couldn’t Javik have a prothean child without a mother? Maybe he could repopulate the prothean race.

what makes me happy about them

  • Peace. I don’t see this ship happening when the war is going on. But afterwards? I took the renegade option with Javik, so he’s looking forward to discovering peace. They could learn about peace together.

what makes me sad about them

  • There’s not much I can think about.

things done in art/fic that annoy me

  • I think those that ship these two out of spite instead of respect make me sad.

things i look for in art/fic

  • I haven’t really read much at all, so I’m not sure.

my kinks

  • Have to use some biotics, wouldn’t you?

who i’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other

  • I actually really like Liara with Feron. As for Javik, I’m not sure. I can’t think of anyone in game that would really work.

my happily ever after for them

  • Writing books and raising a blue daughter or two.
servantofclio said: This is probably way obvious, but: Shakarian. ;)

Couple of people asked for this one! (I’m at work without xkit, so I can’t tagged until I get home)

when i started shipping or if i ship it 

I SHIP THIS SO HARD, ahem, as I think most of you are aware. I shipped them before I started playing the actual game. I was really into swtor at the time and I adore the Jorgan/trooper romance. I was on the swtor forums and kept reading how that romance was a ‘watered down’ version of Shakarian. Naturally, I had to start watching videos and I was freaking hooked. This was in April of 2013. I actually started playing then in May 2013.

my thoughts 

This is by far my favorite Mass Effect ship. There’s something good about all the different ships, but this one is special to me.

what makes me happy about them

EVERYTHING. The friendship blooming into romance trope gets me every time. I love the fact that the whole thing started because of trust and respect. That they both support each other so much.

what makes me sad about them 

The idea of one of them being without the other after the war. Garrus dealing with a blue or green ending makes me bawl every time.

things done in art/fic that annoy me 

I keep away from jealous!Garrus and beast-in-bed!Garrus. Shepard acting like a teenager, thinking ‘I like him, but do I like him like him?’

things i look for in art/fic 

I prefer Garrus and Shepard being portrayed as two competent adults.

my kinks 

At work, so can’t address this as much. For them specifically, they role-play once in a while. It’s fun for them.

who i’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other

For a renegade Shepard, give me Zaeed or give me death. For a paragon Shepard? That’s tougher. All of the romances have their plus or minuses. I could see her being happy with lots of people. (I also secretly ship Bailey/Shepard). For a generic Garrus? I can see Talibrations through the end of the war, but after that? I picture him finding some kick-ass turian woman and settling down.

For Sonya? Garrus is it. If something were to happen to him, even at a really young age, I simply can’t imagine her falling in love with anyone else. I could picture her adopting some angry orphans and raising them by herself, visiting Papa Vakarian and Solana occasionally. And for Sonya’s Garrus? Not many women would be willing to be the woman after Shepard. He would throw himself into his work, helping with rebuilding as much as possible, and taking in the occasional krogan to foster.

my happily ever after for them 

As long as they’re together, they’re happy, no matter what crap the universe throws at them. And sadly, my universe will throw a lot at them after the Reapers are gone.